Saturday, 3 April 2010

Self Portrait ~ 'Abstract Mystic'

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My Mystic Me
~ Abstract Mystic ~

Hi, and welcome to my most indulgent blog. It's all about me, you see.

But then again, let's face it: whose life isn't? (about them, that is)

I'm fond of this photo, which wasn't taken by me, but brilliantly by Amanda from Australia on one of my photo tours, although the idea was mine.

Then I played around with the original she sent me and this is the result, which is also currently the header for my Mystic Rhythms poetry blog.

I finally feel I'm getting my creative output organised, and this blog was the last thing I had to do: get my artistic self-portraits a place of their own where those who want to see them can do so, and those who just want to see my photos or read my poems or look at my abstract art can do so without my ugly mug getting in the way... comments are, of course and as ever... very welcome - thanks for visiting.

Mystic Rhythms ~ 'Seasons of My Discontent'
© 2010
Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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