Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My Mystic Me ~ 'Foiled Again'

Scary Self-Portraits
~ Foiled Again ~

It's nice to really mess around with some of those obscure effects buried deep in the menus of your favourite image rincer from time to time.

I must say I like the way the strange colours of my t-shirt are reflected on the body in the magazine I'm reading. Love little touches like that, which are totally unplanned of course.

You can, bizarrely, make out the words apple and raspberry on the t-shirt, which dont' seem to have much to do with anything - well, they don't, which is nice. I also like the way the glasses are far more prominent and clearer than my face, almost as though they had been added by an artist as an afterthought. It's true that the effect makes this picture, but I'm quite fond of it nevertheless. Let's face it, those electric colours do whack you in the face, don't they?

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