Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Mystic Me ~ 'Come In Pieces'

Perturbing Self-Portraits
~ Metro Rider ~

This was part of a 'photo shoot' which I imposed upon MissaParis who was interviewing me and whose blog you should check out because it's sweet and so is she.

A French girl who loves her city and writes about it in French and English. Right now she's talking about snow, because it's snowing in Paris and this doesn't happen that often but more often again these days what with global warming and all that. The last time I remember it snowing this much was back in '95 I think it was. Sound like a right Parisian old-timer, don't I?!

So I was in my favourite Paris tearoom in one of my favourite Paris passages and we had this idea, because I'd brought along a miniature version of one of my infinity squared pictures so we played with that a bit.

I like it a lot. It was actually MissaParis who took the shot, I mean held the camera, so thanks again for that :-D I did the scratches and stuff tho' coz I'm like that. Scratched.

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