Sunday, 12 December 2010

My Mystic Me ~ 'It's Always This One'

Perturbing Self-Portraits
~ It's Always This One ~

It sometimes astonishes me how opaque my brilliance can be, even to those who come into contact with it on an almost daily basis.

I spent quite some time one evening composing a deeply touching and searingly insightful existential five-line exposé of the very essence of the human soul (which you can read here, I'm not disingenuously humble), linked, I might add, to the metaphor-laden image above, and the poor creature I live with wondered why I hadn't emptied the bins yet.

My valid and generous attempts to help her fathom her own psychological depths are generally met with a grin which rapidly becomes decidedly fixed (I can tell, feel, these things, almost like a sixth sense you might say, very little gets past my near otherworldly intuition, remember), and without fail, without fail mind, she'll respond, or more usually interrupt, with un utterence which proves beyond all reasonable doubt that she hasn't been following, such as, "That's very good, but can I have your dirty underwear because I'm doing a washing tonight and I've programmed it to start at midnight so it'll be ready to hang up before I go to work in the morning and I don't want to have to get up in the middle of the night just to put your smelly socks into the tub? Thank you."

Point missed completely. Completely. Such is my lot, but I assume it with admirable stoicity if I may say so. We are morally obliged to help those less fortunate than ourselves and I shall not be deterred nor shall I deviate from this calling. My conscience won't allow it.

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