Monday, 31 January 2011

My Mystic Me ~ 'Train Of Thought'

Perturbing Self-Portraits
~ Train Of Thought ~

Me an' a tie? Tie an' I! Never thought you'd see it - weep an' believe it; it happens to the worst of us.

Nice reflection of the bald head in the window, nice shot of the snotty nostrils in the foreground. Call me a sophisticated, high-powered, dynamic Wall Street-style, wheelin' an' dealin' business man. Call me what you like.
Life's a game. Rules are made to be broken, just a little bit. Like never wearing a tie. Depends where you wanna go. Swore I wouldn't. Damned if I would. Then I did. Some clubs can be fun... in short doses.

How many people believe in the rules anyway? How many people take them seriously? Or at face value. Call yourself a man? Where are your battle scars? Call yourself a woman? Why are you still whole? Call yourself a Christian/Muslim/Jew? Where's your cross/beard/cap? Call yourself a mug? Where's your Power Balance bracelet?

The list goes on. What club are you a member of? Really?
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