Sunday, 27 February 2011

My Mystic Me ~ 'Fragmented Forever'

Perturbing Self-Portraits
~ Fragmented Forever ~

Taken up in my new favourite area, the Ménilmontant Heights, over in the north east of the city, there's plenty of glorious degredation to get your teeth and lens into as you wander around.

This month alone I've discovered old well observation hatches, entire buildings covered by so-in-your-face graffiti it's not true, Communards' graves and deathwalls, crazy little cafés, large-breasted wooden women in imposing churches, hidden defunct railways and more.

Last week I walked a fragmented path; last night I read a broken book, and here I give you a fractured me, all the more multi-faceted for that, I dare say.

This city is tearing me apart, and the pace of disintegration seems to be hotting up, and I think this is a good thing.

As time goes on, the more aware of its passage I become, and the more urgent it is to produce like there's no tomorrow, literally, like there's no to more oh!

I deal in fragments; fragments of time, fragments of verse, fragments of photos, fragments of feelings, fragments of friendships and, ultimately, fragments of fragments, ever diminishing, until the final infinitesemal fragment becomes indistinguisable from... nothingness. And my time will be over, the last piece placed, the jigsaw puzzle completed, the frame filled, the mystery solved. How it was. I hope the final fragment's a good one. I'll do my best.
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