Friday, 18 February 2011

My Mystic Me ~ 'Just Passing Through'

Perturbing Self-Portraits
~ Just Passing Through ~

Photo by Michael Jespersen, post-processing by Sab

Nice to have a new shot from time to time. Especially one taken on the spur of the moment, no preparation, spontaneously, on someone else's camera. By someone else!

Check this out - awesome! My idea, his doing. I brightened me up a bit - I was drowning in doom 'n' gloom. Not me at all, right?

Funny when you compare this to other pics taken at the same event - cheesy grins and happy shiny people, and then... this.

Which is fiction and which reality? And who's going to decide? Time.

Saw an application on Facebook today where you can 'see what you'll look like' in 10, 20, 30 years' hence. Now why would you want to do that? I almost did, but then drew back, ostensibly because it looked like they were tricking you into giving them your e-mail address for who knows what dark reason.

Or maybe I hesitated because in the end I'm not even sure what I look like today, so what's the point of going further. Listen, check back in 10, 20, or 30, and I'll let you know, OK?

© 2011
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  1. Man I hope I wasn't too cheesy or too shiny, lol. This is a great shot! See you soon.

  2. You looked lovely - I think I was the only misery not smiling in photos :-D



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