Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Lotta Bottle

Perturbing Self-Portraits
~ Lotta Bottle ~

I'll be filling in with a TON of pics which are from the last few months or even years in an attempt to bring this page up to date, but this here pic is totally now - I took it a couple of minutes ago.

It's a joke actually, because for a start it's not Christmas, or even New Year any more (that was yesterday), and secondly it looks as if I'm getting off my face but I'm not.

You see, I gave up booze for my 50th birthday because... it's bad for you. Me. And enough was enough. It doesn't worry me at all, it's just not part of what I do any more. I even set up a fun web site called Drunken Dodo to talk about it and help anyone who also doesn't want to spend their days, nights and ultimately lives with a bottle or glass stuck to their face instead of a smile. Have an amazing year, y'hear?!

P.S. It's apple juice, in case you're wondering, and the cork isn't even popped! 🍾

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