When do you take self-portraits?

It would be more accurate to say that self-portraits take me. Once you have discovered the way you enjoy expressing yourself creatively, be that through art or photography or music or gardening or whatever, it is a very good idea to give yourself themes, and one of my photographic themes is myself.

So what happens once you've given yourself this theme is that at the back of your mind, chugging away all the time, my brain is keeping a look out for potentially interesting self-portraits.

And I have no idea when it's going to suddenly stop me in my tracks and have me reaching for whatever camera I can find to do something with some interesting situation it's imagined.

And the same thing will happen whatever the theme is. If you've decided to concentrate on red or crescents or 'X's, you will suddenly start seeing them everywhere, thanks to the power of setting up your brain to do something and then forgetting about it. Easy, no?


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