Who is this blog about?

Sab Will, otherwise known as me, a... well, you know, maybe for once, just once, the pictures should do the talking.

You can look around my other blogs which are listed to in the right-hand column, but if you want to try and get to know something about me without words I invite you to take a little tour through these pictures.

I don't try to flatter myself, but I do try to be inventive and I also hope to show sides of me it would be impossible to reveal in any other way.

Some of these photos may surprise or irritate you - I accept that, but then, they weren't really done for you. Well, just a little bit then. I don't try to shock. I'm not going to show you violent or obscene images, as that isn't really what my life is about, but then I shouldn't be telling you that, should I?

It's the images which must speak, and if you think you can say something about me after having looked through a few of them, then you are probably right.

Just remember: often what we think of something says as much about ourselves as about the item in question.


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